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Well, they say (whoever they are, if you know please tell us) that necessity is the mother of invention, and in this case it actually is.
After numerous surf sessions ending in nasty rashes, bleeding nipples, (from sand in my wax, that’s all), wax melting all over the floor in my car, going nuts trying to find my wax comb and wasting the precious last globs of the traction-giving substance because it was impregnated with everything from dog hair to last week’s early morning bacon and egg roll, it was decided that enough was enough.

Taking a good look at all the things that are important and essential to us surfers, figuring out the best way to combine them all into one unit and get rid of the negative aspects mentioned above, we came up with the multi-functional unit that you see here today .

The Mohawk Waxstick is an all-in-one refillable waxstick with a wax comb, wax scraper and a handy storage compartment in the base for your fin key, car key, cash or sunscreen.
Now we have a product that takes this element of surfing to a totally new level.

So now there are no more lost wax combs, no more melting wax all over the seat or floor in the car and never again will a surfer have to hunt around for their wax, wax comb, scraper or fin key and settle for a half decent session in the water.

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